The Evolution of my Creative Space

I don’t think I’ve ever created a home that didn’t have a place to create. Growing up I would take over the ping-pong table in the basement for my crafting needs or invade my parent’s workshops. All the apartments I have ever lived in, the sewing room has always taken precedence. Unconventionally I would sleep in the living room and set up my sewing table in the bedroom space. It just seemed so practical. Making the bed was so much easier than tiding up the sewing table. Closing the door to the sewing room just seemed so much easier when company came to visit in my one bedroom apartment. I’ve grown up a bit now and have a bedroom AND a sewing room, and both doors can be closed when company arrives.

My current sewing room is on the second floor of our home with an east-facing window that lets the morning sun in. I try to strategically place all the things needed to sew a project without having to pack and unpack every time inspiration strikes in my 9x11ft. room. But as any creative would know, perfecting this is potentially a lifetime of trial and error. In a small room efficient use of space and organization are key.

The content in my creative space has evolved slowly over the years. It’s been a give and take with many second hand stores collecting treasured resourceful finds. Nothing has exceptional monetary value except for the value I have given to it and the memories they carry with them. Which in my mind has the biggest value of all and makes my heart smile.

The pegboard was claimed from a back lane many years ago. I hauled it around through a few moves. It finally painted it this last year to fit the room décor and hung up on the wall.

The buttons on the pegboard are vintage buttons I have collected over the years from thrift stores. I always imagine someone’s grandma removing all the buttons from her old and worn-out Eaton’s department store coats and dresses, saving them in jars for her next project. I finally spent some time this last December organizing them and sewing them onto card stock to display them. A Building Beautiful project.



The hanging shelves were a perfect find on Kijiji. Ideal size to pull a few valuables off the table and create a mantle of inspiration.

I’ve got four machines. Two inherited, one thrifted and one purchased new. (Blog entry to follow with details).

The dress forms come from various locations. The Adjust-O-Matic paper dress form was given to me from one of my brother-in-laws. He inherited it from a great aunt of his and graciously passed it on to me.

The dress form standing on the floor, was picked up in the basement of The Hudson Bay department store in downtown Winnipeg a few years back. They were selling out store fixtures and I happened to stumble upon them one afternoon. Picked up four of them for $10/piece! I have since gifted one and sold the other two.  Hanging on tight to this one.

My new and recent additions to my room are my framed pictures. They are a collection from my Dad’s slides, taken circa 1970s. I recently invested in getting them developed and framed. My dad has graciously signed them and I have attached on the back, in his handwriting, the story that belongs with each picture; where it was taken, who they were traveling with and the month and year it was taken. Memory Keepers. 🙂

Thought Provoker: What does your creative space look like? Is it permanent or one that gets unpacked on the kitchen table and packed away as needed? What is your favorite piece in your space? How long has it taken you to get to this point?


Source of Inspiration: In the same way I’ve been creating and sharing my story with you, I love hearing about other creatives’ stories and what drives them. This week my source of inspiration has come from two businesses; their stories, philosophies and the workshops they run. I’m inspired! I’ve posted two short videos telling their stories.   

Merchant and Mills –

Alabama Chanin –

Next Blog Entry: Finding my Creative Voice

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Collection Posting: This week I have posted reusable shopping bags. Made of lightweight rip-stop nylon fabric, they are reusable and durable. I have a few of these I use myself. They’re a great way to eliminate the plastic bags from accumulating in the back closet (I know we all have THAT overflowing drawer or closet!). The bags are a generous size with an estimated holding capacity of 10L. (4L milk jug x 2 plus a little more). I have played around with this pattern for many years and have gifted it to many friends in the process.  I’ve experimented with different weights and prints of fabric. I have added and eliminated features, such as pockets, elastic ties and played around with the finishing edges, but my preference is to keep it sleek and simple. For this installment I have kept the bag simple in color and design with only adding a small loop for hanging the bag while bagging groceries and I have finished the inside seams and handles with a black poly-cotton bias tape. Click on the ‘Collection’ link on top of the page to see the bags in detail.

I’ve had friends use these bags as grocery bags, laundry bags, book bags, recycling bag, purse…anything really.

Three colors available: mustard yellow, steely gray-brown and blue,


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