Clearing Space- Clearing Mind

Clearing Space- Clearing Mind
My mind likes to wander and can easily get inspired by creative projects I want to take on. Some might think this is a blessing, others might see it as a curse. For me I LOVE the feeling of floating through life feeling inspired and excited about creating. But my mind can easily become scatter brained and over whelmed with inspiration. Places like Pinterest, other blogs and of course Mother Nature herself can often overwhelm me, leaving me feeling anxious because I perceive I don’t have enough time.

Pictures Above: The last few weeks I worked on completing projects that were started earlier this year. Above is my completed ‘TWITTER’ Quilt. It has already been passed on with love to the intended special recipients. A Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day gift.

Mindful Spring Cleaning
I want to share with you a short list of habits I am attempting to incorporate into my life to keep my thoughts and projects organized. Like other habits in life, they’re more a wish list of idealistic practices I’d like to perfect. But as home renovations have recently reorganize my sewing room and outdoor gardening projects keep calling my name it became apparent, while preparing this blog, the necessity of these habits in my life.

Picture Above: The back of the ‘TWITTER’ quilt and a detailed picture of the free motion quilting and the various colours in the binding.

Habit 1: Reflecting and Listening to that Little Voice
I’m still learning to listen to my intuition. It’s a fine art to find the right little voice to listen too and then another skill to execute what you know you should do. In my trial and error of figuring this out I am a firm believer in attempting to make room to listen to this internal guiding voice. For me this comes by going for walks, journaling or simply taking time in my day to sit still.


Picture Above: Front of my completed ‘EASTER in NEW YORK’ quilt. Detail of the free motion quilting and the various colours in the binding.

Habit 2: List Making
I am the master of lists! I love lists! I even make lists to organize my lists. The physical action of writing tasks down on paper is an instant way for me to organize and free my brain of the things that need to be accomplished in the day/month/year ahead. Add to that the liberation that comes when you can strike off a completed project…it’s a win-win.

 Picture Above: Back of quilt.

Habit 3: Commitment to Completing Projects
This is a new one for me. In the same way it feels good to strike items off of the To-Do list there’s a freedom found when you don’t have incomplete projects hanging around building piles in the corners of your creative space. I assume I will never perfect this habit, as my brain always seems to be curious, but it seems like a healthy habit to incorporate.

Picture Above: Special custom order of Hand Stitched Sashiko Placemats.

Habit 4: Single Tasking
This is another new habit I am attempting to incorporate. I use to think that being busy equals being productive…but it doesn’t. Did you know that it takes 23 min to get back into the flow of a project once you’ve been distracted? This often leaves my brain jumping around and not being productive in anything at all. So I have taken on the habit of single tasking. I attempt this by prioritizing and scheduling my time. Incorporated with my lists, I prioritize tasks to be accomplished in the day and allot time and space to complete the task at hand.

Picture Above: Back side of hand stitched placemats.

Habit 5: Keep Moving Forward and Trust the Process
What’s worse than being stuck in procrastination that’s fueled by fear? We’ve all been there. Fear of failure of not executing the project perfectly, self doubt in our ability to complete the project and then the paralyzing fear of what others will think. The mindful spring cleaning habit I have incorporated to take on this was coined by the writer Anne Lemott. While her term is directed towards writers, I try to use it while writing blog entries and for creative projects. She calls it the ‘Shitty First Draft’ or SFD. The SFD philosophy encourages one to bring forth projects free of judgment while overcoming that nasty inner critic. The idea is to get the idea out of your head, everything and anything, whether it’s on paper or a rough draft of a creative project. No one has to see it, but at least it’s out. From there you alter and edit to a point of satisfaction. It’s interesting how freeing yourself from perfection opens up the creative process. Try it!

So that’s it! My 5 habits I hope to keep in my back pocket as I move forward in life. Some days it is easier to incorporate them into my life than others, but what better freedom is found when we have taken time to listen to our intuition, followed our heart and have worked on a project till YOU (the creator) have found it to be perfect. This is the stuff that makes my heart sing! When I see people working on their shitty first drafts while living their truths and sharing it with the world.

Thought Provoker: What are your methods of keeping your mind organized in life or creative projects? Do you have a go-to habit? Or are you always trying new ones to find the perfect one?

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