I took the Month of January to Ponder…and this is what I came up with.

For years I have written down goals, wishes and even chosen words in the hopes that they will direct me as I start a new year. While some of the goals are set forth with tenacity and checked off, I came to the realization this year that there have been a few items that keep reappearing on my list.

Last year I took time to explore what the words Curious Creativity meant to me while sharing my sewing projects with you through a blog. In my first post I had a long list of all the things I wanted to accomplish. While my intentions were real, the list was far bigger than I was able to accomplish. This year I don’t want my focus to be on specific projects, but on a life style. I’m going to use 2018 to explore how I can use my fabric collection to make conscious environmental changes in my life to eliminate throw away waste.


Recently I watched the documentary “True Cost” on Netflix. (if you have a free evening, it’s worth a watch)

It explores how our fast-fashion industry is having an impacted on our environment, our economy and developing countries. The influx of cheap, disposable clothing has lead to our second hand stores and landfills being bombarded with textile surplus. (Don’t have Netflix? Marketplace on CBC just aired a similar story about fast fashion and textile waste. Click on link to watch over at Marketplace)

This made me think!

  • How can my choices with textiles lead to environmental changes?
  • Are there habits or unconscious choices in my life that I could change while incorporating my fabric collection and possibly make an environmental impact at the same time?



This year I want to explore what environmental lifestyle changes I can make by using my fabric collection. Last year I posted fabric grocery bags and cloth napkins as ways of eliminating waste. This year I want to explore and incorporate new ideas while sharing these ideas via tutorials for you to make and use at home as well. Reusable fabric food wraps, ideas of how to reuse old and worn out clothing and maybe even look into how to sew a replicate of your favorite clothing item. (I’ll be learning with you on this one!)



For the year of 2018, I have chosen to buy no new clothing. Anything added to my closet has to be either made by me or purchased second hand. It’s not that I couldn’t survive on what I have at the moment. I have a closet full of clothing that I’m sure will more than last me a year or two with out going out looking tattered. But I am hoping this goal will redirect my energy to only collect what is necessary and redirect me to the sewing table.



While many people have become aware of the impact of their choices on the environment and society, I feel like a lot of my choices have become unconscious and uninformed and I want to do something about this. I also want to be realistic in knowing that I can’t perfect all the choices that are available to me and I am ok with that. However I want to do my best in learning about my consumer impacts this year and put perfect effort in changing my unconscious choices all while playing with fabric!


I’d love to hear from you! Is there something that you do or make with fabric that lessens your throw away waste? Was it a conscious choice you made? Or is it something that has always been used in your family? Share them in the comment section below.

It’s not about what I’m doing and what you’re not doing, or what I’m not doing and you are doing, but rather about perfect effort in incorporating conscious environmental choices into our lives.

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