Christmas Pyjamas

I have taken on the honorary duty of what I think my mom would have done for her grandchildren. I wasn’t selected or ask, it was more like self designation…but I don’t think anyone has any objections when it comes to homemade flannel pyjamas at Christmas.

The whole gang with their new PJs. Christmas 2017

The first pair of pyjamas I made were for my niece Delilah on her 5th birthday back in 2009. It was more out of nostalgia that I did it. My sister Allison had given me a piece of flannel fabric she had inherited from my mom’s fabric stash and I thought it would be fun to sew up a nightgown similar to the ones we had grown up with. You see, in a house of four girls and a mother that took pride in pretty sewn items for her girls, it was inevitable that we all had a flannel nightgown (or two) while growing up.

Two of my nieces with their new Pyjamas.  Christmas 2017                 

My favorite memory of the nightgown, while growing up, was how it wrapped around my legs and feet when I sat cross legged on the floor. And the spot worth fighting for, early in the morning, was on top of the forced-air heat register in the kitchen. If you strategically lined up the nightgown and bent your knees so the bottom of the gown just touched the floor, the gown would balloon up with warm air. And in the newfound cocoon of warmth the morning shivers and cold feet were resolved.

Youngest three nieces with their new nightgowns and silly faces 

I think I’ve only missed one Christmas since 2008 that I have not sewn my nieces and nephews their Christmas gifts. Anything from their first library book bags, a lot of princess and NASCAR and cowboy costumes, with Christmas Pyjamas being the favourite the last few years.

The boys with PJ bottoms. Christmas 2017



This is the first year the oldest three nieces have requested PJ bottoms over the nightgown.

I have 6 nieces and 3 nephews that have been a HUGE part of the joy in my life. I have loved seeing them grow up, I have loved having sleepovers with them and I have loved sewing for them! And this year was no different.

It’s like a family portrait with one proud auntie…love these guys to pieces! Also I’m not the tallest anymore :O

End of Year

For anyone that has been following my blog, ‘M Joy Textile Design’, this blog entry completes my one year challenge I set out for myself in 2017. My intention was to explore what ‘curious creativity’ meant to me while sewing through my fabric collection and documenting it via a blog, If you’d like to follow from the start, it all starts here,  My Tinkering Challenge. I moved all my blog posts to this site and have renamed the blog  ‘M. Joy – Mastering the Art of Joy’. I look forward to expanding my blogging world by exploring what JOY means to me and sharing it with you through the camera lens and with stories. Feel free to click the ‘Follow’ button to follow along as we move into 2018.

Throw Backs

Christmas 2014
Experimented with tops and bottoms for the girls and onesies for the youngest three.     Christmas 2010


  1. Oh how the kids love getting their new PJ’s! The kids change into them the second they receive them! They have been so lucky to receive so many beautiful sewed costumes, pj’s and dresses from Auntie Mel! This year I was the lucky reciepient of a “dress pajama”!! I totally love them!:) We are so blessed to have Mel in our family, the kids adore you! Thanks for spending Christmas with our family, the kids are already looking forward sharing the joy of Christmas with you again next year!

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  2. You have done an amazing job with your one year challenge of Mastering the Art of Joy, you take such great pride in all the sewing that you do whether it be costumes for the kids, patching jeans, placemats, tablecloths with cordinating cloth napkins just to name a few. Your eye for detail is next to none, my girls were excited to show me the ‘Made with Love by Melanie Joy’ tag sewn into each pair of pajamas is just one example of the pride you take in everything you create.
    Taylor was thrilled to read your blog with me she says “Your the best.”❤

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  3. New “Christmas PJs” was always something we looked forward to- even into my 20s! Once I could no longer fit them, my gramma made them into a quilt for me that I cherish to this day.I have t have to say it’s been so interesting reading through your blog over the past year and getting to know your creative mind and process more. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Fran! Great memories you have of your Gramma. And how great is that blanket you have been able to keep over the years. I’m sure it holds a lot of memories.


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